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5 Pet Emergencies that Require Immediate Treatment

Just like us, our pets can become suddenly injured or sick. Since they cannot tell us what is wrong or just how bad they might be feeling, they rely on their owners to spot the signs of a problem and get them veterinary medical care. This can be difficult since animals naturally try to mask any signs of vulnerability – including pain, injuries, and illness. 


Different types of injuries and illnesses would need prompt attention from a qualified and experienced veterinarian. Some pet emergencies could be life-threatening and require immediate medical treatment. As owners, it’s important to know what these are and how essential it is to seek veterinary care.


Here are 5 pet emergencies that require immediate treatment and what you can do to help your pet until you can seek veterinary care at Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands. 

  • Breathing problems

    • Any breathing problem is classified as a veterinary emergency. If you notice your pet struggling to breathe, gasping, or choking, get them to our emergency vet office right away. Do not try to see if your pet’s airway is blocked or remove any blockages, as this could lead to injuries for you or your pet.  However, if you have someone else with you, you could ask them to call EPHR at (909) 793-5999 for advice while you are on your way in. 

  • Inability to pass urine or bowel movements

    • If your pet hasn’t passed urine all day, if they are in obvious pain when passing urine or if they are having difficulty evacuating their bowels, it’s best not to wait to see if the issue resolves itself. In many instances, a blockage in the bowel or urinary tract could prove fatal if left untreated, so take your pet directly to Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands right away. 

  • Poisoning

    • There are lots of substances that we as humans view as harmless, but these can be extremely toxic to our pets. Unfortunately, our animals do not have the same sense of danger as we do, and therefore, do not exercise the necessary caution when licking and eating things that they come across. For example, antifreeze smells sweet and delicious to a dog, but it can be fatal if ingested. While it is important to familiarize yourself with potentially harmful substances, if your pet does accidentally ingest something toxic, it is crucial you get them to the vet right away. You can contact ASPCA Poison Control on the way to getting immediate medical attention. Do not try to induce vomiting without the recommendation of a veterinary professional.

  • Refusing to drink or eat

    • Just like us, our animals need to drink and eat to survive. If your pet suddenly stops eating or drinking, it is a sign that something is seriously wrong. There is a real risk that they could become dehydrated very quickly, so you must take them to see your emergency vet right away. It may be necessary for your pet to be given fluids via IV and admitted to the hospital until they can determine the underlying cause of the issue.

  • Trauma

    • Our animals do not have the ability to understand the dangers of the world in the same way that we do.  Unfortunately, countless pets are hit by vehicles or attacked by other animals every day. If your pet is involved in a trauma, it is important that you have them checked over by a vet right away. Even if there is no visible damage on the outside, they could have suffered internal injuries. Since animals are adept at hiding signs of illness and injury, it may not be obvious that they have been hurt. A comprehensive exam with the team at Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands will give you the peace of mind that they have not been harmed and, if there is damage that requires medical intervention, they are in the right place.



Please visit us at Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands in Redlands, CA for more advice on dealing with pet emergencies. You can also give us a call at (909) 793- 5999 to speak to our experienced and dedicated emergency veterinary team today!